Jonquiere Truck Transportation

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Jules Savard Inc.

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 548-7187

General and specialized freightTRANSPORT
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Déménagements Tremblay Express Ltee (les)

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 547-2114

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Transport Tfi5s.e.c (division Transport Kingsway)

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 542-4040

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Coutier En Transport Réjean Hudon Enr.

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 542-6157

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Réseau Continental Ltée

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: (418) 547-4711

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Nolitrex Inc

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-695-0294
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Transport Jules Savard Inc

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 800-463-9621
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Déménagement J.c.l. Inc

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 888-525-8525
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Demenagements Tremblay Express Ltee (les)

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 800-263-5468
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Reseau Continental Ltee

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-547-4711
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Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-695-1338
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Transport Julien Gagnon

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-693-3216
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Transport Nolicam Inc

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-548-7202
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Transport Renald Lapointe Inc

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-695-2371
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Cabano Kingsway Transport Inc

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-679-1915
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Corp Des Camionneurs De Vrac

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-548-7121
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Courtier En Transport Rejean Hudon Enr

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 418-542-6157
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Transport Cabano Kingsway

Jonquiere, Quebec
Telephone: 800-463-9131
Company profile for Transport Cabano Kingsway

Industries in the Truck Transportation subsector provide over-the-road transportation of cargo using motor vehicles,such as trucks and tractor trailers. The subsector is subdivided into general freight trucking and specialized freight trucking. This distinction reflects differences in equipment used, type of load carried, scheduling, terminal, and other networking services. General freight transportation establishments handle a wide variety of general commodities, generally palletized, and transported in a container or van trailer. Specialized freight transportation is the transportation of cargo that, because of size, weight, shape, or other inherent characteristics require specialized equipment for transportation. Each of these industry groups is further subdivided based on distance traveled. Local trucking establishments primarily carry goods within a single metropolitan area and its adjacent nonurban areas. Long distance trucking establishments carry goods between metropolitan areas. The Specialized Freight Trucking industry group includes a separate industry for Used Household and Office Goods Moving. The household and office goods movers are separated because of the substantial network of establishments that has developed to deal with local and long-distance moving and the associated storage. In this area, the same establishment provides both local and long-distance services, while other specialized freight establishments generally limit their services to either local or long-distance hauling.